Franklin West Supervisory Union is seeking transportation bids for Fairfax Town School District. Fairfax has traditionally run and maintained their own fleet of buses and employed drivers, but is currently interested in contracting out this service. We realize that flexibility in regard to the proposed contract term may be beneficial to both parties. As such, we will give consideration to varying contract lengths. The contract period would run from July 1st through June 30th of each school year. The current system of the school district is outlined below. We anticipate running buses for 178 student days next year.

The Fairfax Town School District transports approximately 550 children and currently operates five buses with two runs, twice per school day for students in grades K-12 to and from Bellows Free Academy Fairfax. As this situation is not ideal, we are seeking quotes for both 6 and 7-bus scenarios. We also run buses to area tech centers and co-curricular activities. Buses arrive around 8:15 for an 8:30 start time. The total mileage incurred last school year was 106,000. We plan to purchase all diesel fuel directly and apply for reimbursement for taxes from the state on a quarterly basis.

As Fairfax Town School District has traditionally maintained a self-operated transportation department, we currently have a fleet of buses of varying ages and a bus garage.

Proposals for any contract length up to 5 years will be considered. Please contact Randall Morton, FWSU Business Manager, at (802) 370-3113 ext. 101 with any questions.


Please contact
Randall Morton,
FWSU Business Manager
(802) 370-3113 ext. 101

Student Transportation Services
Bid Procedures & Proposal Guidelines

  1. The Franklin West Supervisory Union reserves the right to reject any and all bids, or accept a bid for

    other than the low bid, if it is deemed by the Board of Directors to be in the best interest of the

    Supervisory Union. You are requested to bid a three year proposal

  2. Transportation for special education, co-curricular activities and field trips fluctuates. Please bid a per

    mile and/or per hour rate for these services. Please see information on an estimated number of annual trips

    further on in this RFP. You may bid a separate rate for Type l and Type ll vehicles.

  3. You may include a consumer price index clause as an addendum to your bid price.

  4. Franklin West Supervisory Union intends to purchase fuel directly from the vendor, so the bid should

    not include any provisions for a base cost of fuel, or a fuel escalator.

  5. The successful bidder must comply with all federal and/or state regulations governing liability

    insurance for school buses in particular, and public bus companies in general (no less than $10,000,000

    bodily and liability/property damage). A certificate must be filed with the Supervisory Union. The

    contractor further agrees to fully indemnify and hold harmless the Supervisory Union, affiliated School

    Districts, its agents or employees under this agreement. The Supervisory Union will be named on the

    policy as far as its interests lie. Any insurance escalation clause must be a part of your bid document.

  6. All bids must be delivered to, or received by Randall Morton, business manager, at:

    4497 Highbridge Road
    Fairfax, VT 05454

    before 11:30 AM on December 13, 2023. Bids will be open at the Franklin West Supervisory Union at the above address at that time.

  7. Please include three letters of reference with your bid, including at least two from school district representatives.

  8. Other Requirements:

    • All buses must be equipped with two-way radios

    • Adequate backup units available at all times in case of breakdowns.

    • A dispatcher with a designated phone line must be available for use by School Administration during route times.

    •  At least one bus for each school district must be equipped with a wheelchair lift.

    • Field trip notification procedures and timelines must be indicated if you require specific arrangements.

    • The Contractor must provide routing and scheduling assistance.

    • The Contractor will participate in the early morning winter road reviews.

    • The Contractor will supervise two state-required bus evacuation drills.

  9. Other Conditions:

    • The Supervisory Union agrees to provide adequate and timely notice of any changes in the

      number or length of bus routes and bus pick up points and reserves the right to change, modify, or

      adjust time schedules or routes.

    • The Supervisory Union reserves the right to decide when bus transportation must be curtailed or canceled due to school closings and/or weather.

    • The Contractor will enforce each school district’s school bus disciplinary policies in effect during the term of this contract.

    • The highest degree of professionalism will be expected from all drivers. The Administration reserves the right to direct the contractor to reassign any bus driver whose conduct is questionable or who does not represent the values being instilled by the school system.

    • All drivers’ qualifications and practices must comply with state and federal regulations. All

      drivers, including substitutes, must have completed the fingerprint check process at Franklin West

      Supervisory Union before they are assigned to drive any bus within the supervisory union.

  10. Preferences:

    • Buses must be 71 passenger units.

    • No bus used on a daily basis shall be more than seven years old.

    • A bus mechanic must be employed to respond to emergency needs as well as regular


    • Transportation payments shall be made in ten installments.

    • All bus drivers and/or coordinators should maintain regular contact with School Administration

      so minor problems do not escalate into major ones.

FWSU Transportation RFP Summary

Mileage for the 2022-2023 School Year

Bellows Free Academy Fairfax
Student Days: 178

FY24 Estimated Annual Miles for Daily Routes*

  1. 16,376

  2. 15,842

  3. 19,402

  4. 25,000

  5. 30,000

Estimated annual mileage for daily runs: 106,620

*These daily runs are currently operated with 5 buses; 4 of which make two runs in the morning and two runs in the afternoon, while 1 bus makes one run in the morning and one in the afternoon. We are looking to add capacity and reorganize routes and stops in order for each bus to only have one morning run and one afternoon run.


BFA Fairfax participates in numerous sporting events throughout the year. Using FY23 as a reference, we ran the following:

  • Fall: 45 away trips

  • Winter: 52 away trips

  • Spring: 50 away trips

Total estimated number of away sporting events is 150 per year. During each season, there are approximately 12 instances where more than one bus is needed at the same time. Mileage varies from 10 to 100 miles per trip.

Technical Center Runs

BFA Fairfax sends students to the following locations:

Burlington Tech Center
2,052 miles per quarter
50 miles two times per day
1.75 hours per trip

Center for Technology, Essex
787 miles per quarter
33 miles one time per day
1.75 hours per trip

Northwest Career & Technical Center (St Albans)
2,302 miles per quarter
25 miles four times per day
1.00 hours per trip

Special Education Runs

Special education transportation needs can vary greatly. We are currently sending students to two locations in passenger vehicles:

33 miles one time per day
1.00 hours per day

Mill School
53 miles two times per day
1.25 hours per trip

Starting with the 2024-2025 school year, we are looking for a contracted transportation company to work with the administration in consolidating stops and streamlining routes in order to run 6 or 7 buses. Please price bid with the variability of the number of buses taken into consideration.