Proficiency-Based Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment

FWSU has identified four target areas for continuous school improvement and student growth: student-centered, proficiency-based, personalized learning; flexible learning environments; student leadership; and engaged community partners. Along with all other schools in Vermont in compliance with Act 77, FWSU is also moving forward with a proficiency-based curriculum model that emphasizes essential academic concepts, content, and skills, including Transferable Skills, to help ensure our students are college and career-ready.

The connections among the National Standards, local curriculum, and classroom instruction and assessment play a critical role in an integrated design of engaging and relevant learning opportunities for our students. In addition, we believe this model of more integrated learning is the “best fit’’ for meeting our targets.

Proficiency-driven opportunities highlight learning that is personalized and learning environments that are flexible. The goal is to ensure that students receive a “future-ready, world-class education” and graduate with the knowledge and skills to successfully pursue their goals.



Scott Thompson

Scott Thompson
Director of Curriculum

(802) 370-3113 ext. 112