"W-e-l-c-o-m-e" spelled out in yellow letter blocks

Hannah has recently joined our office on October 10th and she graciously sat down for a quick interview.  We are excited to introduce Hannah Welburn, our new Executive Assistant to the Superintendent and Director of Curriculum!

What are some details about your role at FWSU?

Right now I’m learning the ropes and everyone has been very supportive and welcoming.  The work includes communications, board reports, and grant support to name a few elements of the role so far. I love organization and graphic design and both will be utilized often. I’m always happy to help, so give a call or shoot me an email!

What do you consider to be your hometown?

I grew up in East Hampton, Connecticut, but moved to Vermont to study graphic design & digital media at Champlain College. I graduated in 2020 and chose to stick around— I love the outdoors, camping, hiking and skiing, so it just made sense to stay here in Vermont! I recently moved to Jericho and really love the area.

Cats or Dogs?

I am such an animal lover, it’s so hard to choose— but I have two cats at home, Moose and Mabel!

What are your thoughts about roller coasters?

I used to be terrified of roller coasters growing up, but it’s been a while… Maybe I’ll need to re-explore my indifference towards them one of these days...

Do you karaoke? 

Sure, why not! It would be classic country tunes all the way.

What are your thoughts about Community?

Community is hugely important, especially when you’re new; new to a job role or new to an area. The FWSU folks have been very welcoming of me to their office community! Since moving to Jericho, I’ve enjoyed the close-knit vibe of the town and having the ability to support small businesses and attend community events in the area, such as the farmer’s market. Lastly, I believe community is super important for children, in and around their schools – being embraced and supported, so as to feel more comfortable in their everyday spaces, is vital.

Have you had any recent life reflections?

I think it’s important to stay imaginative and nurture your creative side. It can be challenging and tiring to just keep plugging through in the regular day-to-day of life’s routines.  Even if you wouldn’t describe yourself as a “creative” person, you can still find ways to fuel your imagination and be expressive! Engaging in DIY projects around the house, arts & crafts projects around the holidays, snapping photographs while you’re out and about, journaling or drawing— whatever is accessible to you; feed your brain with fun & get inspired!


Danielle Drogalis
Data Manager/Assessment Coordinator