Steve Emery, Erin Young, John Tague & Karen Lehning

Last month, we shared a link with the Franklin West community that provided an opportunity to recognize our educators. We typically recognize two educators each year through the University of Vermont’s Outstanding Educator program and want to show our appreciation for more of our educators throughout the year. Over 90 nominations were received across all of the FWSU schools. 

On Friday, we were able to honor six educators who were nominated by parents, students, and colleagues. We interrupted classes to share the thoughts of their nominators, present a certificate, a small token of our appreciation, and a trophy that is sure to be a keepsake and conversation starter.

Our October FWSU Educators (and a few words from their nomination) are:

Blythe Baskette – Fletcher Elementary, Preschool

Blythe has been a big part of our children’s lives over the last few years and she’s always been fantastic to work with. She is relatable, down to earth, very knowledgeable in her work, and you can just tell she loves these children and is doing her absolute best for them.”

Andrea Farrar- BFA Elementary, Grade 3/4

“She is kind, patient, down to earth, realistic, and helps my step son learn and grow as much as she can. She is his greatest advocate in the school and he loves her so much!”

Ashley Barnes Cota – BFA Middle School, Science

“Ashley is showing my son that he can trust teachers. Our son does not trust easily and she is showing him that she listens to him and is willing to work with him. He rarely likes teachers and he describes her as “ok” which is high praise.”

Eve Thorsen – BFA High School, English

“She is excellent and connects with each student as if they were her own. She works hard and engages the children in different, and fun, activities. She is a transparent communicator and makes herself accessible even after school hours.”

Erin Young – Georgia Elementary & Middle School, Grade 1

“Erin is simply amazing. Both of my boys had her in 1st grade and she was simply amazing. My boys to this day tell me they visit Erin and wish they could still be in her class.” 

Logan St Peter – Georgia Elementary & Middle School, Grade 8 Humanities

“Logan teaches and exemplifies respect and responsibility to his students and his classroom portrays these expectations."

We plan to honor more of our educators every month. Please take a minute to fill out this NOMINATION FORM to help us recognize November’s outstanding FWSU educators. 

John Tague