Fletcher Students Celebrate Working Hard and Being Kind

Students and staff at Fletcher Elementary School have a simple theme this year— Work Hard and Be Kind.  If we can ingrain those two character traits into our everyday lives, we can accomplish anything.  When students and staff are observed Working Hard and Being Kind, they earn tokens which are added to a large container.  Once the container is full, we celebrate.


Our latest earned celebration included a Spirit Week (Crazy Sock Day, Crazy Hair Day, School Spirit Day, Hat Day, Comfy Clothes Day) ending with Bounce Houses in the Gym and an opportunity to “Pie in the Face ” Mr. Rivver.  The students were phenomenal.  They practiced Working Hard.  They practiced Kindness.  And, their efforts were celebrated!  Spirit Week participation was over 90%, the Bounce Houses were a hit, and Mr. Rivver was tasting whipped cream in his hair for several days after.